Which one do you prefer? (Primary Care in med-surg unit or the old fashion way?

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    I liked to get your views on primary care. There is a local hospital that is going to this type of nursing, actually they have already implemented this on certain floors of their hospital. The nurse get's 4-5 patients, and s/he does all patient care; there are no CNA's. For those of you who are in this type of enviroment, how has it worked out for you? I have never worked as a CNA, so I know that this would certainly slow me down even further. I guess if one would compare primary nursing to the average 7 or 8 patients (with CNA help), there might not be a whole lot of difference in the two when it comes to the insanity of working med-surg.

    Any opinions will be appreciated, and if there are other threads that have been started on this, please direct me to them. Thanks so much to all of you wonderful care givers out there.
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