Want to get LPN in VA ..Then Move to FL and become RN

  1. Hello everyone!
    I was about to start school to become an RN. I noticed today that there was a step before that..LPN..I wanted to move to Fl as soon as I became an RN but since becoming an LPN take less time I thought I would become an LPN in va and then move to FL work as a LPN for about a year then finish to become a RN. I have a few questions and If you any answers I would love for you to share them with me...
    1)If I become an LPN and take the test for it in Va would I have to take another test to work as a LPN in FL?
    2)What is the pay for a LPN in VA and FL
    3)what is the pay for a RN in Va and FL?

    Thank you in advance for your repsonses
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