Waiting for Illinois RN license!!

  1. Hi nurses,
    I'm a recent RN graduate who just passed the nclex in Illinois on June 19 if this year. I have a dream job opportunity in Missouri, but I've been informed that I must wait until I receive my Illinois license to begin application for the Missouri license. I called the IL BON to ask how long the process will take and was told 6-8 weeks! This seems like an incredibly long time to wait for licensure considering I can't work until I receive it, even as a graduate nurse or tech! Has anyone else had similar experience dealing with Illinois?
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  3. by   bme_rn
    I took it on June 11 and still haven't received my license # either. When I called they said 4-6 weeks and they said they were behind right now. The pass letter says we can practice as a "License Pending Professional Nurse" - not sure if you could do that in Missouri but I think you can in IL while you wait?
  4. by   bme_rn
    I took the NCLEX on June 11 and my license posted today! So hopefully yours will soon.