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:uhoh21: hi guys, i really need someone to talk to. I am a new Lpn as some of you already know from my previous post. I started working at a sub acute, rehab, facility, its very fast pace. I started... Read More

  1. by   badtz143
    Quote from RNKay31
    OMG! I am so sad to hear what you are going through, but I am in the same position, as a new RN I only get 3 weeks orientation and most of the preceptors were just trying to get their work done, and every night I live work late, and my hubby gets mad, but no one would help me, I too work 3-11:00, and it is so sad that we have to go through this, but all the best to you.

    CandyLPH2be, and RNKay:
    So I take it you both are in LTC or SNF. I too was given that deal, 2 weeks orientation and then I would be on my own passing meds and doing txs for 25 pts on my team. I have been working at a federal hospital for 2 months now; you know how it is: new grad, overwhelmed.....criticized, scrutinized...not only by the veteran nurses but by myself as well. That's why I started looking into SNFs even with a 5-11 dollar paycut ; so I started yesterday and boy......I can imagine that kind of work can be monotonous....pass meds, obtain urine sample, change dressings, some has IV drugs, check blood sugar, etc. So I didn't come back today and stayed at my hospital. It sounds horrible but I loved the patients I met at the SNF but I also don't want to be the unsafe nurse for these 25 fragile elderly pts. It seems horrible, you only assess if there's an MD alert and if they're on they get paid. I think as new grads, we need more than 2-3 weeks orientation, SNF or hospital. I would suggest finding a new job. As for me, I think I'll stick it out at my hospital until I get more experience. goodluck to both of you
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    In Australia well for the hospital I am in. I had 2 weeks suprenumerary and that consisted of: 1x week orientation (in lecture room) the other week up on the ward and 10days being with preceptor. I dont think that is fair.
  3. by   ashley_michelle
    I had 14 weeks of orientation.. and by the end I definitely felt comfortable being on my own. I can't imagine being on my own after 3 weeks.

    ... in response to signing a contract/bonus.. I'm fairly certain that if you decide to leave before the contract is up you just have to repay the hospital whatever is left on the contract.. or repay the sign on bonus. It should tell you on the paper that you signed ...or that would be my guess. I"m sure its in the fine print somewhere. =)