Tips for IV starts - page 2

Any tips for getting better at IV starts? I have been on my own for 3 months and have hit 2 IVs. I know it's a basic technical skill, but I am not doing well at them. I don't like causing my patients... Read More

  1. by   Tom85
    JUST wondering does anyone like the elastomeric infusion device? from people that have used it what is ur response to it?
  2. by   medic2bsn
    What bothers me most about starting IV's (this comes from working on an Ambulance) is being able to start IV's all day long, but having trouble when it comes to a critical patient and not being able to hit the broad side of a barn. With that somewhat aggressive. Consider that your patient really needs the IV and that you are not the one being stuck. I have found that taking your time makes it more painful on the patient. Hope that helps.

    Bill....EMT-P, RN-BSN