thank you to everyone who tells us of their successes on NCLEX

  1. Thank you to everyone when you share your successes on NCLEX. It gives me a great deal of faith that I will succeed on the first try. Monday, Jun 30th is the big day. Keep on telling us of your successes (and failures if that is the case).
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  3. by   kiddoRN
    I am so glad to have that test behind me. I cut off at 75 and passed but I had a classmate go the whole 265 and pass. There were many psych questions, questions about what duties you would assign to an LPN and/or NA. Questions about which patients you would see first. The answers were alot tougher to choose from than in the review books. The review books had alot of "you would say this to the patient" type questions. I didn't have a single one of those. Plus the answers were so similiar and so close to being the right one that you really had to re-read the question several times before you could look at the answers and distinguish that one small thing that made the right choice stand out. It took me 40 minutes to do the 75 questions. It definitely was an experience. Remember to ask for ear plugs, that helped quite a bit to get me focused.

    An aside note... when we signed in to the testing center there were two women working there. One took the info, the other set us up at the workstation. The registration included having a digital picture taken. When you sat down to have the pic taken the woman doing it made you say "I will pass this test" while she took the picture (as opposed to saying "cheese"). The employees at our Pearson center really helped to calm the group and make it a little more bearable.
  4. by   CJStudent
    Good luck and let us know. I took mine on friday and went all the way to 265! Talk about anxiety! I am waiting the results! Dress comfortable...the place where I went was FREEZING inside and I had on jeans....sitting there for over 3 hours didn't help. Good luck.
  5. by   nadia562002
    Its over with now. I am happy. The test lasted 88 questions and about 90 min. It was not as bad as it sounded. I went to my best friends house to share my joy. I am ready to take that final step toward becoming a nurse. That is walking on my unit for the first time as an RN.
  6. by   nadia562002
    I passed the NCLEX. Check with your board of nursing to see if you are licensed yet instead of checking NCS Pearson for 7.95 unofficial results. THe BON is quicker.
  7. by   kiddoRN
    Congratulations .... our board takes another 2-3 days so no help there.
  8. by   dsczephyr
    Congratulations Nadia!! RN sounds pretty good these days. Enjoy your summer.
  9. by   fourbirds4me
    Our board is the same way. A friend took her's on Thursday and got her license in the mail on Saturday! It is generally posted on their website after midnight on the 2nd day... about 36hrs.

    I should know tonight after midnight..... ughhhh can't wait.
  10. by   TinyNurse
    Also saying a big thanks to those that have posted regarding NCLEX success.
    i graduated on June 13th, and am still awaiting my ATT. ugggggg
    I'm ready doing 300 ques/day since the 14th.