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On tuesday I went down to employee health services to get a physical for my new job (I am a recent grad) and got the regular work up. I did a drug screen, tb test, blood draw for titers. I... Read More

  1. by   LindseyLou2222
    My drug test came back. Negative. Not sure what the hold up was. I go in tomorrow for my tb retest. blah... :stone
  2. by   Panka
    Quote from LindseyLou2222
    On tuesday I went down to employee health services to get a physical for my new job (I am a recent grad) and got the regular work up. I did a drug screen, tb test, blood draw for titers.
    I went back on thursday to get my tb test read. The NP marked it a positive. I have a red blotch on my arm from the test and absolutly no induration. She sat there with ther eyes closed, used her other hand and said no induration, but I dont like this. Then proceeded to talk to me about getting in contact with the health dept, omg!
    Now this blotch on my arm is bruised in it and I can see the needle insertion site. Is this normal. My previous tb tests never caused any problems. I am getting a bit nervous here. I am scheduled to go back on tuesday for another test. Any thoughts?
    Also my drug test results have yet to come back. I am drug free, what is the hold up there? She asked if I was sure I had not taken any drugs.
    I guess it was just not my day...

    Greater than how many cm in size? The CDC does not consider a positive for the test unless it is greater than 10cm in size with induration. A 3 cm size with a great amount of induration may be considered positive after 24 to 48 hours. Did they use tuberculin with a preservative? All of these things may need to be taken in to account. A positive response warrants a followup x-ray by any account, not a repeat test with posibility of anaphylaxis.
  3. by   Jayla
    Only induration is measured, nothing else. Guidlines vary depending on risk factors, but for lindsay, it's probably >10 - 15 mm.

    A chest xray is not done unless the PPD is positive (meaning, >10 - 15 mm induration). The cutoff is 15 mm for the average, low risk person; 10 mm if you work with high risk populations (migrant workers, medically underserved) or in a high risk setting (nursing home, prison).

    Glad to hear about the drug screen, lindsay! Is your PPD site getting better?
  4. by   LindseyLou2222
    I went in today to get my 2nd test read. She took one look at my my arm and rubbed a finger on it and said. "Ok then, you are all set". Lol I said "so what did my other test mean?" She said, "probably needle difficulties" What????
    As for my other test site, its still very bruised but seems to be slowly fading.
    Thanks for thinking of me!
  5. by   bakett
    Ok so i volunteer at a hospital, well this will be my second year. Anyways, I went to get my tb skin test. Oh and on my first test i waz alergic to it and the woman who read it waz like ur ok and i waz done in a blink of an eye. On my second test, this test the woman who took it said there waz slight bump and its very large and red. having it done for my second year, the reaction waz worse, it waz larger and it itched and it hurt to shake my arm or have something brush up against it. My question is why is the reaction worse? soooo i came in today becuse the woman waz confused and needed another nurse to look at it. i came in and she looked at it and waz curious, she said it should'nt be red, this is 4 days later. she said my test shows that i might have begingng signs of tb, she doesnt know either! im confused! why is is the first year i have it done, i have a reaction but the woman says im fine but this year i have it done my reaction is worse and the woman dont know wats up! sooooooo i have to come back in 10 days and get it done again. there waz no bump! only a slight one! is it that the women are just over concerned? idk. sigh. well thanks for listening to my babble im just confused!!
  6. by   bakett
    waz the second reaction worse than the first?
  7. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Quote from bakett
    waz the second reaction worse than the first?
    Without seeing your reaction it is impossible to advise you either way (please don't post pictures ) and according to site terms of service we can neither request nor offer medical advice. Terms of Service for Nurses | Nursing Students You should really consult with the employee health department, your local health department, and/or your primary care physician for advice and information. Employee health and your PCP will be more familiar with your situation and history and can better advise you.