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  1. I am beginning my RN-MSN program which is all online. I love my pathophysiology and physical assessment courses. I absolutely detest nursing research and "intro to baccalaureate nursing"! By the time we finish our prereqs for nursing school, haven't we done enough paper writing to prove we are intelligent enough to be nurses??? I DO NOT believe forcing us to write APA compliant papers about "The Future of Nursing" and "Nursing and Research" and umpteen other esoteric topics improves my nursing skills or elevates the profession of nursing in any significant way. What it does do is make nursing school unnecessarily more tedious and time consuming with superfluous busywork because upper crust professors and state nursing board examiners have this distorted idea that all this cerebral masturbation in non-clinical subjects will elevate the nursing profession to an elite position which is distinct and lateral to the medical profession. If some nurses want to go into research, that is wonderful. Specialize in evidence-based nursing research and keep the rest of us informed! Don't force the rest of us who have had it up the wazzoo with writing APA format research papers just to prove we can do it. No wonder there is a nursing shortage! Who would go to nursing school if one knew she had to first be a journalism major! I do not believe all this anal obsession with "philosophy of nursing" and being forced to pay homage to nursing research as if it "will set us free" and "raise us up" is doing anything more than making most of us hate our education process. It should not be this way if it doesn't work! SHOW ME THE EVIDENCE THAT SPENDING THE MAJORITY OF MY TIME READING ABOUT RESEARCH AND WRITING APA PAPERS WILL GIVE ME THE MOST IMPORTANT KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS I WILL NEED AS A CLINICAL NURSE PRACTITIONER! I have to write an APA paper (of course, with absolutely no misspellings or grammatical errors and substantiated by VALID, peer-reviewed research) about "The Future of Nursing" and another research paper about a "nursing problem". I am considering writing a paper about how superfluous and unnecessary it is to fill so much of the curriculum with academic, composition-related busywork rather than allow more time for clinical and skill related subjects. What other health related profession requires this much time be spent on academia and crowds out concentration on courses related to critical skills and knowledge?
    Help me out by telling me if you agree or disagree and what evidence you think I could use to "research" this question! I keep hearing so much about "making a difference" so I intend to start with reforming the curricula content via "evidence-based" nursing research!
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