Striping Ceremony

  1. Does anyone out there have a striping ceremony affiliated with your nursing school. I am from Long Island NY and would appreciate some feedback.
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  3. by   SaraO'Hara
    Crike. I read that as "stripping ceremony." Would this be a ceremony to attach year stripes to a cap? Given how few schools still wear caps, I surmise that such a ceremony would be quite rare indeed.
  4. by   SNSCCC
    Thanks for responding. The striping ceremony is dedicated to 1st year nursing students as recognition of completing a very demanding year. The stripe I believe was originally meant to be placed on the cap. Each school would have their own unique stripe. The tradition has been continued in some schools even though the caps have not. It is a meaningful recognition to the students and an opportunity to share this accomplishment with family/friends. I would like to know if anyone out there has a school that still practices this beautiful ceremony.
  5. by   MIA,Sn
    Hi there... I'm Mia and I'm a 3rd year Nursing Student from Brokenshire College SOCSKSARGEN at
    General Santos City, Philippines ..... We just had our Striping Ceremony last June 24,2011...
  6. by   Double-Helix
    My school called it an Advancement Ceremony. One stripe was awarded for competing the sophomore year and a second stripe was awarded for competing the junior year. But the school only gave us one stripe when we had three or four uniform tops. When we graduated we had a pinning ceremony and were awarded our school pins. Pins are the alternative to caps now.