Stay at home mom wanting to go to nursing school - page 2

Hi all! I am needing some advice and some encouragement. I am a 27 year old Mom of 4 children, ages 7, 4, 17 months and 2 months. I have been wanting to go to nursing school for about 5 or 6 years... Read More

  1. by   Mrs. Silva
    Thank you all so much for your advice, personal experiences, and encouragement! Unfortunately I am just seeing these posts now, but better late than never. I will be starting my pre-reqs this summer semester. Thank you all again! :-D
  2. by   sunshyne17
    I know this is going to sound cruel but you SO should have started when it crossed your mind 5-6 years ago...

    Saying nursing school is hard is an understatement. You will have to successfully complete a program that some singles can't complete due to the sheer volume of work only you have 2 little babies and 2 older kids.

    IF you really are going to go for, start and don't look back. I am a single mom of 2 and if it weren't for my kids dad stepping up and watching our kids before finals or early clinicals, I would have failed out the first semester.

    You will need the support. And LOTS of coffee! GL