Starting at Hillsborough Community College Fall 2009!!!!

  1. Hi I am just starting my first year at HCC in the fall.. i just graduated from high school and I am planning on applying for the nursing program once i have all of my prerequisites finished! I just went to orientation today and picked my classes..i was so nervous! I didn't really know what i should start with, a lot of people said English 1 and Math (Beginning Algebra for me) and i did pick those two and my other two classes were microbiology and the microbiology lab and also the elective developmental psychology of life span. Is this a good schedule to have your first year?? I wanted to take anatomy but i couldn't because i didn't have a high enough score on my placement test to be put into College Algebra. Am i able to take anatomy next semester or do i have to take intermediate math first?? And isn't microbiology just like anatomy they both are sciences so why could i take one and not the other? Is microbiology hard? Is it better to take the harder classes first and get most of them out of the way? i mean i don't think it really matters since I'm going to have to take all of them because they are all prerequisites..but am i doing okay for now?? should i take sociology instead..what do most people start with and what do you recommend I take first or over the summer or in fall, etc.

    Thanks for your help! Someone please reply to me!!
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  3. by   LinzyRN
    I'm not familiar with the particular commuity college you are refering to. I just graduated with my ADN from a community college. Micro is really hard, I actually took it after Anatomy 1 and 2. I took Anatomy 1 my first semester in college and was blown away with the amount of time and effort required. I recieved a C and retook it. I lived in the lab with both Anatomy cources. Micro was more studying the book, but there is also lab time required. Good luck with theses classes. Psych is not to hard, unless you have an instructor that really wants to make it hard.
  4. by   Nursing Student 09
    LinzyRn, what school did you graduate with your ADN from? I'm in the process of trying to find a reasonable nursing program with not such a long wait list.