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  1. Looking for feedback. I will be starting my new grad position on a cardiac telemetry floor hopefully mid February. I take boards on Tuesday. I just wanted to know what to do/what not to do. I worked as a CNA on that floor for a few years before staring the program so I know the patient population but I also know being a CNA and being an RN are different. Any pointers would be much appreciated!
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  3. by   pmabraham
    Good day:

    You have a great foundation that you are a CNA that has worked on the floor for which you will be starting. I work on a jam-packed cardiac telemetry unit and notice the PCA's that become RN's and stay on the floor are often in a better position than people like myself coming in fresh with no prior hospital background (let alone unit background).

    My recommendations are as follows:

    * Be open to learning new ways to do things as a nurse vs. a CNA/PCA.
    * Delegate as needed. At my nurse residency program, it is common to hear from RN's that were CNA's that they hesitate on delegating to the aids because they worked alongside them as an aide.
    * Ask for clean copies of brain sheets of the RN's on the floor, and use an existing one or blend several to make your own. A good brain sheet helps you keep track of what's not yet charted as well as having a portable tool to quickly report to doctors who contact you when you are nowhere near a computer.

    Thank you.
  4. by   rbenoitRN
    Thanks so much for this helpful advice! I will take this into my new job!