Shaky hands and an IV restriction

  1. Hey guys! I graduated with my BSN in may and after 5 months of applications, I finally got a job, and a really great one at that. I'm super excited and can't wait, but have hit a little problem. During my pre employment physical, the doctor noticed I have a slight hand tremor that gets worse with anxiety. Right before this, my vitals were taken and I was SHOCKED at how high my BP and HR were. She told me to relax and come back in a few days, which was today. My vitals were still high and my hands still shaky even though I was as calm as I could be. She approved me to work, but is putting a temporary restriction on me putting in IVs while my GP and i figure out why my hands tremble and then shake with nerves. I'm worried that my place of employment will see this as a weakness of sorts even though I can't help it; it is completely involuntary. I have a hx of anxiety, but never any issues with my vitals before. Ill be working nights on an ortho surgical unit. Am i wrong for being so worried about this? I anticipated being a little anxious for my first job, but I wasn't expecting hand tremors and an IV restriction!
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