RN student-challenging LPN very nervous

  1. Hello all,

    Well I waited for the day to get the ATT to challenge the LPN, but now that I have it I am very nervous. I have no positive thoughts- I keep thinking what if I fail and if I do fail I will never take the RN and pass. I am a decent student in school when I study I study as if I am taking the boards I get A's and B's but I hear how A & B students still fail the boards.

    I have been studying but not as much as I should because I am also taking Microbiology this summer, the Last class is the 25th of June and my boards are the 21st of July, and I don't know if this is enough time for review. I talked to my cousin(who was in the LPN program), she took the LPN in April and started studying 2wks before her test and passed. She said she had a lot of priority, infection control,and cancer questions. I don't know how my prioritization skills are because we really don't focus on those in school our test are really S/S, intervention and maybe meds and this really scares me. Infection control think I will be o.k. and disease I am pretty good at (I think).

    I keep telling myself maybe I made the wrong decision, but I was hoping to make more money and whatever I spend on my boards I will get reimbursed by the Military because I am a Vet, now I don't know.

    I also think I went overboard with my review material I bought 3 review books- Saunders, Mosby, and Lippincott. I went to a review class but all they did was reteach. When I do review questions I usually get between 70-80% how is that??

    The big thing I think is my confidence and just sOOOOOOOOOOOOO nervous, heard so many horror stories

    Please help I need some advice, encouragement etc.
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