1. Hi,
    I recently graduated from LPN school and took and passed my boards. I'm currently sending out my resume to places. I believe I am the only one out of my gradauting class that has waited this long to start my job search - everyone else jumped on this months before graduating. During those months I kept hearing people speak about having a portfolio. Is this recommended?? and what sorts of information should we have in our portfolio?

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  3. by   MIA-RN1
    the powers that be at the hospital where i work instituted a policy that all nurses must keep a portfolio. We have been told to keep our resume, educational records, and anything we have done/participated in that is either volunteer work or nursing-related. THere is probably other stuff too but I can't remember lol
  4. by   mspetite
    Thank you - that helps alot, wasnt sure exactly what they look for in one for nursing.
  5. by   rnstudent1206
    I am completing my portfolio as we speak. It is supposed to include your letter of application (or cover letter), resume, and then you are supposed to have things like letters of recommendation, performance evals, community involvement or volunteer activities, membership cards, certifications, diploma, transcripts, honors and awards, you can put in case studies you have done, or papers you wrote.
    Hope this helps!