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  1. i want everyones idea's of their organization style when coming into work. I work on a med/surge telemetry floor (i love it), and the first month has been great but one thing i have noticed is DAMN i have a lot of stuff to be organizing before i even get to the patient. Patient is first computer is after yes i know. So i get there like 15 minutes early, print out their reports. Take the tele and measure the intervals put it in the comp (if there is time), fill out transport sheets, make sure all the medications are correct from the computer to the med books, highlight the reports/notes, and write out my to do list and my quick assessment template on the back of my papers. Sometimes this works, but other times its like.... oh crap my patient is not doing well and then my day gets messed up. What do you guys suggest? THANKS!
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  3. by   mimmy
    Well, it sounds like you are doing great if you have only been there a month and loving it! You will find yourself getting into a routine every shift, which is wonderful. But you have to learn how to be able to drop what you are doing, deal with an immediate problem/situation and then go back to what you were doing. This takes time, give yourself credit for starting out on a busy med/surg/tele floor. My report is my lifeline! If I lose it...EEKK! I start by checking med sheets, etc., assessing my pts. I write all my little notes by each pt., and go back to chart later. That way I know that all my pts are alive and breathing first