One day orientation and 1:27 nurse/resident ratio

  1. Ok, I recently passed my boards and just started to apply for LPN positons. I went on an interview yesterday to a long term care facility and was told I would only get two days orientation one of the two would be clinical related. Also, I would have 27 pt's on the long term care and If I filled in for subacute floor I would have 33 pt's. Most of my fellow students got jobs where they would have 4-6 wks orientation as a new grad and any where from 10-20 residents/patients.

    What are peoples thoughts about this? one day orientation and the ratio. Is this unusal or common for places to do that?
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  3. by   lordwilling
    I graduated in May, I am orienting at a long term care facility with the same ratio, but I will get 4-6weeks orientation.:uhoh21: I just finished my 1st week and it was a lil scary....
  4. by   mspetite
    4-6 weeks orientaton is much better. I bet your first week was scary, it's probally much different then what we were use to in school. But atleast this time will allow you see how how the nurses pull it all together etc how they manage. Please update me on how things are going