nursing job- when do I apply??

  1. Hi. I graduate in May 2008 from my nursing program in CA. The hospital I am appying for a job at said that I should apply for their new grad program that begins in July. The lady at the recruiting department that I spoke with said that my chances would be best if I apply in March to get into the July program. When I read the application it wants you to give them your NCLEX date before you apply. How will I have my NCLEX date in March if I don't graduate until May? I am so confused. Don't you have to mail your final transcripts to the Board of Nursing before you can get an NCLEX date? How do other new grads do this? Please help!
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  3. by   llg
    Apply when the recruiter advised you to apply. You can ask the recruiter any questions you have about the application process. That's her job -- to answer your questions.

    The NCLEX date issue is a minor one. They know that people will not know their date before graduation -- so they will not hold that against you. None of the new grads will have that information before they graduate. The recruiter can advise you how to answer that question. If it is a paper application, you can write something like, "Planning to take NCLEX in June, 2008." If it is an online application that requires a date, put in an estimated date, then add a note at the end pointing out that the date is just an estimate. They'll understand.