Not sure what I want to be.

  1. OK. IT is that time of year. Finals. NcLEX. JOB INTERVIEWS.
    I have liked all my clinicals, have many opportunities but don't know where I want to start. I know that I can always change my mind and that everyone goes through this to some degree.
    I'm currently torn between an offer I have at a local (10min. away) hospital medsurg/oncology floor or holding out for an interview at a regional hospital (35 mins away) for a position in Peds or NICU.
    Part of me really wants to take the medsurg b/c it is good general experience with opportunity to specialize and certify in oncology nursing, it will help with time management, skills, organization and delegation. The only draw back is that it's a rotating day/night position which my family is ok with but i worry about my ability to adjust.
    In the Peds/NICU the patient ratio is smaller, the acuity is greater, and I liked that aspect. I can see my potential to grow here with certifications. I dont' know if I will be offered a position, what the hours will be (most are nights)
    and if the travel will be worth it.

    I am not really factoring in pay (they're both about the same) and my hubby has good benefits so it is simply what type of nursing I want to do.
    I wish there was a magic hat that you could pull the answer out of.:spin:
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  3. by   RN1263
    I'm a new grad also..... I'd say which area of nursing do you get excited about when you think about doing it? If it's peds/NICU then hold out for a job in that area, if your not sure and need time to think about it but need money now then take the offer you already got.
  4. by   am17sg05
    go to where your heart says not your head and you will be a happy,contented RN.
  5. by   07nurse2b

    I am also a new grad and wondering what to do now! I have some applications out and an interview next week. Just praying and looking.

    Congratulations to all the new graduates! Yea we did it