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  1. Hi- I am an almost new ADN grad and I'm planning on taking boards in June. I know there are lots of programs out there to help study for NCLEX and I'm wondering if anyone has heard about ERI (Educational Resources, Inc.) My ADN program has made this a mandatory thing for 2nd year students. We even have to pay the fee for ERI the course with our tuition! I've been looking at bulletin boards on the net and it seems the consensus is that Kaplan is the best. I'm wondering if anyone ever used ERI, and how it was? I would've liked to use Kaplan instead, but since I've already paid the fees for ERI- I don't want to spend more $$ for Kaplan. Any insight would be very much appreciated!!
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  3. by   rpbear
    I took the ERI class last June after my third of 4 semesters. It was good. It is 4 days, and they go over everything. They give you a review book and CD with the class. I found it helpful. I was unable to take it after 4th semester because of moving, but I wish I could have, my heart would have been into it a little more. I have no other class to compare it to, but make the best of it you already paid for it!
  4. by   KimRN03
    I have never heard of them, but that doesn't mean they aren't a great review course. Check with them and ask if they have a money back guarantee if you don't pass NCLEX after you do everything they ask of you. I took Kaplan and loved their program. I would take the review course and see how you feel after taking it, then reconsider other review courses if you are not completely happy. Hope this helps!