nclex results

  1. Out of curiosity, anxiety and probably sheer stupidity, I went to the Pearson "vue" website to see what it said about my test. It has went from "status unknown" to "successful delivery". Does anyone know how long it is from the "successful delivery" status until you find out if you passed the stupid thing??? I don't think I can wait until next wednesday like those ladies at the test center told me!!

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  3. by   kiddoRN
    Did you take it today? I would think your results would be there Saturday or Monday. I took mine on Thursday and the results were there Saturday morning but there was no holiday in between. Successfully delivered happened to me within the day of taking the test.
  4. by   SaraRNin2003
    Yes I took it this morning. I am an absolute wreck. I keep going over what questions I can remember in my head and it is literally making me crazy!!!! I have got to find something to occupy my time!!!!

  5. by   dsczephyr
    Sara, my two cents worth for those of us who are waiting: let's get out of the house for the day. It's a holiday. I am getting out of the house for the entire day (which gets me away from the computer). Tonight I'll go to bed tired enough to sleep, knowing that when I wake up in the morning, it'll be reasonable to start looking. Plus, I also made a 9 AM hair appointment for a trim for Saturday morning. Talking to my hairdresser will keep me from going crazy Then, I will start checking when I get home from the appointment on Saturday. Good luck to us all!