NCLEX Pass List in California

  1. Hello everyone. Can anyone in California direct me to where on the Internet I can view a list of who has pased the NCLEX? Thanks.
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  3. by   macarmy
    Go to this URL. Then click on the link for either California RN or California LVN.
  4. by   Neon8
    Thanks but I have tried that site many times and whenever I click "California RN", it takes me to a page that says "the page cannot be opened" or words to that effect.
  5. by   macarmy
    Okay. I went to the California Board of Registered Nursing website (, and was able to find the link from there. Go to
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  6. by   Neon8
    Ok that one works. You have to type in the person's name you are inquiring about, though. Works for me! Thanks
  7. by   Amy78
    hello... can you tell me where i can find out my nclex results for the LVN? I live in california and can't find anything... thank you