nclex/att confusion!

  1. hi everybody! i just had a few quick questions, does anyone know how long it takes to get the ATT in the mail so i can schedule an appt for the boards? I registered and sent in my 200 dollars a few weeks ago, and i received a confirmation letter saying they got my 200 dollars but I still havent got anything about the ATT. I was just wondering if it takes awhile, or if i should start to get concerned and try to find out why. Also, if anyone has any tips on preparing for NCLEX, or surviving orientation, thatd be great. Im almost in week 2 of orientation, and its already going too fast! Thanks!
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  3. by   fourbirds4me
    AFter your BON gets your application for licensure and your transcipt they notify pearson that you are eligible to test. When that happens you will get your ATT. I suggest you use their website begins things through it are pretty much instant and you can get your ATT via email. Snail mail takes much longer.
  4. by   tinyhands4Him
    The study guide I found most helpful was a series by Sylvia Rayfield....nursing made insanely easy....she also has one for pharmacology....It uses mnemonic, acronyms, and pics to help you remember all the info...she tells you all you need to know about body systems, important dz processes, and common meds used and asked about on the NCLEX....I also recommend doing tons and tons of questions....they reccomend around 3,000. This all helped me out alot. Good luck!
  5. by   redwinggirlie
    You can do two things: Call Pearson and speak to someone and get your ATT sent to you by email. You will need to get a password and stuff for their site. The person on the phone can set that up.
    Or, go to their site and use their chat option to chat with someone directly. They can help you there. That's how I got my ATT.
  6. by   redwinggirlie
    Oh, as far as studying for the NCLEX, do questions daily. Know how to prioritize patients. That's enough to keep you busy!
  7. by   TinyNurse
    ok, i'm sorta in the same boat.
    I got an email from pearson yesterday, says everything is in order.
    Was on the phone with ohio bon on Wednesday, and they said all they were waiting for is for pearson to give the ok ( that they have my money)
    So should I wait snail mail for an ATT, or should I just keep checking pearson?
    I thought that the ATT came from your state of licensure BON.....
  8. by   kiddoRN
    Pearson sends the ATT. It comes through email as a PDF file and then you get a printed copy about a week later by snail mail.

    You can log on to Pearson or call the 800 number and register by giving them the ATT validation number on the PDF file.
  9. by   TinyNurse
    your bon needs things in order, then nclex needs your fees in order, after that your bon checks online to see if you have the fee paid , then they send you the ATT, so i have been told by the ohio board of nursing.
  10. by   TinyNurse
    So is this completed faster by email...
    my understanding from kiddoRN is that you get the PDF and then you can call and schedule NCLEX?
    am i correct?

    awaiting an ATT.......
  11. by   kiddoRN
    I'm in Georgia so it might be different here. We pay Georgia BON a fee of $40 and they await our transcript and degree completion form from the college. When they receive these, usually about 2 weeks after graduation then we receive a SASE we provided to notify us that they know we graduated and are qualified to take the test. They also then notify Pearson that we qualify to take the test.

    When we originally paid Pearson the $200 to take the test the form asked if we had an email address. If you answered this question then it was a way for Pearson to notify you of your ATT number. But they also put a paper copy in the mail to come to your house.

    There was a 10 day difference between my email ATT and my house mail ATT. By then the Pearson center here had stretched out their schedule by another 3 weeks. So by using my ATT-by-email I was able to test 3 weeks sooner.

    All you need off the PDF attached copy is the validation number. Then you can either call the 800 number or log on to Pearson with your user name and password and search their schedule at your location for a good date for you.
  12. by   TinyNurse
    I got my ATT via email today (14th). Pearson got my money on the 10th.
    ( I had already applied and had things in order with Ohios board of nursing)
    I'm scheduled to take the exam on Wednesday the 16th! I'm so excited!
    I scheduled my exam online at the pearson site.
  13. by   kiddoRN
    You were able to get an appointment really quick. Good luck and we look forward to hearing from you soon with positive results.