My Nursing Process Paper

  1. In my process paper I have a section for meds that my pt. is on. I found all the other meds in my drug book except for a Multiple Vit, and Calcium w/ Vit D. I need the classifications, MOA, side effects, and patient teachings on those two drugs.

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  3. by   kcalohagirl
    Those won't be in a drug book.

    Think about it for a moment.......

    Multivitamins are often recommended because most people eat like junk. Or. . . does your patient have a condition that would cause them to not eat well, or in decent amounts.

    Same goes for the calcium/d supp. . . . .

    look beyond the obvious. . . think about what makes your patient unique.

    also, a lot of times, if a patient takes a daily multivitamin, a doc will write for it just to keep things normal for the patient.

    You would be surprised at the number of patients that ask. . . "But I take a vitamin every day!!!! Where is my vitamin?????"

    Good luck!

    oh! and for teaching. . . .how about that there are water soluble and fat soluble vitamins and that taking in excessive quantities of fat soluble vitamins can be harmful. . . .?