My new job in Portland, OR..

  1. Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to say hi and little update on my life here in Portland.
    Some of you might remember my story.. I lived in Portland about
    8 years and moved down to Bakersfied, CA, last year for my first
    nursing job with a sign-on bonus and relocation assistance of $10,000. I just wanted to stick out for a year and come back with a year of nursing experience under my belt, but in reality I was so miserable & hated nursing esp. the med/surg floor where I worked as a night shift RN. I also was having lots of health troubles related to working the night shift.

    And.. I decided to quit and moved back to Portland after 7 months of experience. I luckily got another job right away in a big teaching hospital once I moved here. That was my last try on the med/surge field, but so far it's working out well for me. First of all, working a day shift helps a lot. Also, the patient load is resonable.. I start with 3-4 patients but they don't give me more than 5 patients. We also have a great team work, and everybody tries to help each other out. I can actually have a lunch meal break, EVERYDAY, amazing.. I hardly have to wait for MD's call because I just page them and they put orders in the computer.. There's a dedicated IV nurse on the floor who starts IV's. CNA's and secretaries actually do their jobs, which every little support like that helps make my day so much easier.

    So far, I'm grateful to have this job.. Med/surg is not my greatest
    attraction but I'll give it a try a little bit longer & learn as much as I can.

    For those of you who hate your work environment, please do try other places before giving up. It's not us who are crazy - it's the aweful work environment that make us nuts.. I still have to pay back about 4,000 dollars to the hospital in CA as I broke the contract, but I have no regret in quitting.

    Well.. that was my update.. Hope everyone's doing well. ^^"
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  3. by   incublissRN
    I'm glad you like your new job!
  4. by   mom2michael
    I'm so glad it worked out for you!!!!

    Good luck in your new job!!!