Med-surg nursing, a few questions...

  1. Hi,

    I really enjoyed my medical surgical nursing clinical, we had 4 patients and we did total care, this was over basically a 6 month period of time. We started with one patient and as our knowledge, skill and organization improved, we got more patients.

    Anyway, I always hear how everyone hates med-surg or had such an awful experience. I loved it, I got to take care of my patients get to know them and really help them out, both physically and emotionally.

    So here is my questions, in real life (not student world) how many patients do you end up taking care of ?
    and do you become a medication dispensing machine or do you really get to take care of your patients?

    I am about to graduate in January and I want to work in an area where I can have patient interaction and really make a difference. I am considering the Tele unit because I liked the work, but honestly I had a horrible clinical experience due to unhappy, lazy staff. (they were written up twice while I had clinical there by the doctors on staff for not doing their job).

    Should I go into med-surg or is Tele the better road?
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