Managers and RNs Need Advise

  1. I'm a new grad RN. So i got called for an interview at hospital I worked as an NA before, but that was the hospital I resigned after 4 days of orientation due to manager issues. The manager does directly and indirectly tells me and makes me feel that she does not like me as one of her staff. One time, she told me: "I would not have hired you, if I was the one who interviewed you." (she said this after me asking for consideration for schedule changes, I have school at the time). During my interview with that department, she wasnt actually the one who interviewed and hired me, but the nursing administrator. It turns out that I have to deal with a manager who does not like me at all. I was a nursing student at that time, and it is reallly stressful working at a place I do not feel welcome to work. I did not feel welcome at all. I couldn't take it anymore. So I resigned. When I called to talk to her about the resignation, she was on summer leave. So I just sent my resignation letter. 2 Weeks later, I got a job offer at a diffrent hospital and got hired as a nurse extern and worked for them for 6 months.

    Now, as a new grad RN, I have an interview with this hospital I resigned before. Do you think they would give me a second chance? By the way, the manager I had before is not the same that I will have for now.

    I mean I could always put in the application that I NEVER worked for this hospital before, but I dont want to lie. I also think they would know anyways.
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