Listing clinical skills on a new-grad resume?

  1. I'm graduating in May, and I'm putting together my resume. I'm in an accelerated second degree nursing program, so I didn't work as a nurse tech during school. My previous work experience includes CNA work as well as positions in retail management.

    So here's my dilemma. I've been getting mixed advice from people (students, career counselors, instructors) as to what I should include on my resume. What do you all think about listing clinical skills as a separate section? Is this worthwhile to show what I've done in clinicals, or is it silly because every single other new grad will have done the same thing? If its a trade-off for space, is it better to include my clinical skills, or to include more information about my previous jobs, such as my customer service and supervisory experience? Please advise me!!
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  3. by   tashacorinne
    I did something like that under my education section underneath my college, but I only put UNIQUE experiences. For example, I put that I did a lot of disaster planning and training when I did a clinical rotation with a nurse manager. Not all nursing students get that opportunity.

    I've been told that when applying for a job, hiring managers already know what you go through in nursing school, so don't list your clinical skills, list the rare opportunities that you got.
  4. by   sophia26
    Thanks! That's a really good idea just to list unique skills :-)