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  1. I took NCLEX on June 1st for NJ and found out that friday June 3rd I passed. It is now June 16th and still nothing online. I just was offered a position at a local hospital and they would start me in July if my license becomes active, otherwise they will hold my spot until august. Does anyone know how long it takes for NJ to post license numbers online? It is taking them forever. I have friends who passed in other states and they were up the next day!! If anyone knows please help me, because I hate the idea that I may have to wait another month to start my job. I need $$!
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  3. by   asp40
    My NJ license was online in 12 days. Seemed like forever!
  4. by   iloverosie
    You are lucky! That is so quick. I called the NJ BON and they told me they were still processing my application that my school sent in as a group over a month ago. I was told it has nothing to do with my boards and if I passed or not, it's all "processing of the application". Thank you though!
  5. by   asp40
    Had you already applied to the NJ BON before? I applied about 3 months before my NCLEX, so all they needed were the NCLEX scores. And I have to know - how did you find a job in a NJ hospital?
  6. by   iloverosie
    haha I do not know I got lucky! I have a family friend in the Meridian Healthcare system and so they were pretty helpful to move me along through the interview process, but I did not take the position they offered me because it was only part time. Meridian seems to be so full, but use any name you know in the system that was VERY helpful to me.

    Kimball Medical Center is where I accepted my position and it is in the Saint Barnabas healthcare system. I have been applying to jobs in their system for months, and I received a phone call about 3 weeks ago, had two interviews and was offered. So, just keep applying! I am sure something will come up.
  7. by   asp40
    Thanks. I have been applying all of the Saint Barnabas Hospitals up to an hour away from me, but Kimball is too far. I am in North Jersey. Good Luck to you!
  8. by   iloverosie
    My license appeared online 15 days after I passed my boards, and I just received in the mail my paper license 24 days after passing boards....seemed like forever!! I still think NJ is super slow.
  9. by   sunsettbay5
    what website did it appear on? do you have the exact website please thanks!