Keeping busy betw/ jobs?

  1. Hi -- I graduated in May w/ a BSN and had to wait 2 mos. for a job offer (the Boston area does NOT have a nursing shortage) as a new grad in an ICU. Both my employer and I misjudged my ability to get up to speed -- I really need to get basic clinical/organizational skills under my belt probably via a Med-Surg position. I'm starting the job search again and don't know how long the 2nd search will take. In the meantime I'd like to continue building my skills (and regaining self-confidence lost from this disappointment), but don't know whether I should try volunteering in a hospital or whether it would look strange to try finding a position as a tech. or aide in a local hospital (and at least also earn $$). I also don't want to get involved in a position that won't allow enough time to job hunt/interview, but sitting on my butt waiting for calls will drive my crazy!

    Any input would help!
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