Jobs in New England/Colorado for a New Grad

  1. Hey!

    I am a current Senior nursing student and I'm starting to apply for jobs and such. I really want to move back to New England or maybe try out Colorado. Has anyone heard about how the job market is in either place? I used to live in Boston, so anything in the city would be ideal, but I know that the job market is saturated there with so many new grads. I want to do well baby nursery, so if anyone hear's about jobs in that area anywhere in the country please let me know! I really need to start looking at jobs and area's to live after school so any help you guys can give would be great!

    Here's to hoping my last semester goes well and the job market is not to bad

    Thanks guys!
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  3. by   jpeters84
    I had some offers to interview at a hospital in Colorado Springs. I've heard that that's not the best area of Colorado but the hospital seemed nice. Otehrwise try Denver Health and some of the major Denver hospitals. Most of the outerlying areas Vail, Aspen, Boulder expect you to have experience. As for New England, I'm sorry I have no idea. Good luck!