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  1. Okay, I will be a new grad in two weeks. I decided a few months ago that I was going to work for this one hospital in my area. I love the environment and the poeple there. Since preceptorship started, every nurse manager has said to me," You are really good. We would like for you to come to work for us. Put your application in you will be hired."

    Well this morning, I called and asked the Nurse recruiter at the local hospital if we could set up an interview. He said no. That my application was not being considered. Not for any postition. When I asked why and baggered him to get the information, he finally said it was b/c of my references and job history.

    I called all my listed references, and they all said no one had called them.

    I called my current job and my DON, who I think walks on water and wouldn't lie to me, told me she gave me a great reference and invited me to apply for the position that is currently open in the nursing home. I have been there a year now. I took this job because I needed the income to help get me through nursing school. I love Geriatric Care and I would stay with this job, but, the facility has turned into a re-hab facility, and does not serve the same population that it did a year ago.

    The only thing I can think of that might not have been so pretty was when I worked as an Ultrasound Tech five years ago. I was going through a divorce, had a child to care for, and the work environment was extremely hostile. I had a melt down near the end of my employment there. I eventually decided that I would go to school to become a nurse, because I loved patient teaching. I still gave a month's notice. I was only abscent one day out of seven months. I in no way believe that the events surrounding my behavior excused it. I was mostly just really negative and uncooperative. But why should I still be punished now? I don't bad mouth any of my former co-workers, or the hospital or the Docs involved. All I ever say was that it was a difficult time. That I was unable to meet all the expectations of the job. I worked some unGodly hours. Typically from 7a to 11p M-F.

    I want to stay positive and act with dignity, even though I am feeling desperate.

    Anyone have any thoughts on what I could do that does not entail moving to other parts of the country or lying?
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    My brother-in-law once applied for a job. Got a glowing letter of recommendation except for the last line "I would recommend Dr VM with reservations". Fortunately the horing manager took the initiative to call th e person who wrote the letetr to find out what the reservations were: turned out it was a tyypo made by a secretary.

    Moral of the story: mistakes happen. Ask yur nurse manager (who asked you apply) to see what she can find out.
  4. by   weirdRN
    I called the Human Resource Director myself to find out what the scoop was. So far, no word. She said she would call me back in a day or two. I will give until Wednesday to get back with me before I do anything else. I do not plan to pursue a position with that hospital now, but I think it is important that I know what was said so that I can rebut it and defend myself in the future.

    In the interim, I have decided to just move on. I applied for the full-time position at the nursing home where I work. It was not my first choice, but, it will do. I will save $$ on gas and baby sitting.(The other hospital is about an hour away)Maybe in a couple of years after my son graduates from school I can pursue the med/sug position that I really wanted.

    C'est La Vie....