IV fluids questions

  1. New nurse here I noticed that sometimes nurses on my unit get so busy that they turn off the IV fluids on the pump but the tubing is still attached to the patient. I get it we're busy. I just disconnect. However does this cause any harm to the line? Also how is it that no fluids are infusing once it's off does it clamp automatically in the pump? Thanks sorry if it seems like a dumb question just being new to the profession you worry about everything
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  3. by   pmabraham
    Hopefully, they are setting up the IV pump such that it goes into KVO mode at 10 mL/hr with just mainence fluids infusing once the primary infusion is complete. If yes, then the patient is getting 10 mL per hour of extra fluids which unless they are in fluid overload or close to fluid overload should cause no harm. Keep in mind sometimes an infusion runs between shifts, and the person who set up the infusion maybe giving report or otherwise off the unit when the infusion is complete. If the infusion completes during their shift, and you are not the patient's primary nurse, you could always let the primary nurse know the infusion is complete or show team work and cap off the line and turn off the pump (I do the call personally as I don't know if there are plans to run other infusions).