Interview on Thursday!! Need advice!!

  1. Hello all,
    First off, let me tell you my situation. I graduated in May with my ADN, got my license in June, and have since been looking for a job now for 4 months. Just when I thought something would come through, somehow, it fell through so basically, Im feeling kind of desperate. Sooo last week I had an interview with a manager of an ER in my area and he said that part of the hiring process is that he requires an interview with several of his staff nurses which I'm doing on Thursday. Has anyone else had this kind of interview? If so, what kind of questions should I expect? I almost feel like some nurses might be harder on me than a manager would be, but I guess more than anything, I dont know what to expect! Thanks for any help! Im trying to prepare a lot so I can hopefully, finally land a job and a job that I want badly!!!
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  3. by   bennyitoGN
    I actually went through an interview like that and turned down the job for a better one. Follow all the interview etiquette, show up early look professional and stylish if possible, only sit when told to, the usual. The way these interviews work is to seem like you fit in with the crew that is working so be friendly but don't treat the people interviewing you like you are old friends. Ask a ton of questions about the facility how long they have been there, what they like best about their job, what are the hours like, how is the schedule made, talk yourself up in all of the questions but be humble at the same time, I referred to myself as a baby nurse just excited to get into the field, even though I had 10 years of CNA experience in all kinds of facilities, but most of all be honest and show the people interviewing you that you can get along with people you did it for 2 years of nursing school what is 4 more months then you can talk to who you want. Some of the interviewers are gonna throw out some negative things if you seem eager to badmouth just like they do you are going to get smoked so just refrain from that kind of attitude, just redirect the conversation. alot of the questions I got could simply be referred to the chain of command, and always when you get the question of how to handle a situation try to resolve it with the individual first before getting charge nurse or supervisor they will respect you way more. Hope I helped and stay calm.

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    Thanks a bunch. I assumed that they do that kind of interview for that reason as I know employee conflict is a killer in the workplace. I guess it is as I figured, and as long as I am honest, use common sense in my actions, attitude, etc, then I will be fine! Thanks for reassuring me and giving me examples!!

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