Inspirational stories for new grads..

  1. Hi everyone,

    If this has been a post in the past I apologize b/c I missed it. In any case I noticed that alot of posts here are followed by many encouraging notes and such which are greatly appreciated. For me as a new grad it just helps to know I'm not the only one going through this.

    Also, it helps to read or hear about others who have started their nursing careers maybe had a rough time and are now very successful.. It just gives me continuing hope that I'll make it! So if you were one of those people who maybe had a rough time transitioning from school to the real world and are now doing wonderful, I'd love to hear you story. Also, if you moved from one area to another what the move was and how the areas are different/alike (i.e. med surg/vs. long term care/
    school n urse)

    thanks in advance.
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  3. by   muffie
    hello healer
    it takes a good 6 months to get a little comfortable
    i remember a lot of nervous diarrhea[tmi] and insomnia
    on my first day off orientation with a 6 pt assigment on a busy surgical ward,
    i will never forget mr. v who was a confused post op colostomy pt walking naked down the hall ,naked, carrying his foley bag
    by 10 am i was crying in the nm office post finger stick
    that was a long time ago,tg
    here's to better days
    they come in time ,hang in there
    hopefully you will work with kind caring staff to guide you through the rough times
    good luck
  4. by   healer27
    thanks muffie - just good to hear other people have made it through with much success..

    more anyone?
  5. by   RNKay31
    I am very nervous, and although I finish nursing school, I feel as if I do not know anything.
  6. by   nsgstudentjen
    I don't have a story per se, but I think it is getting better.

    I received my BSN in Dec 2005, RN in March 2006, and been working 6 months now (4 off preceptorship) on a progressive care unit. We titrate gtts, have vented pts, etc. As well as post-op, etc.

    I like the variety, but have many days I feel dumb. I think it is getting better, baby steps...

    I have had many nice comments from families on how I helped them through a tough dx, or gave support to their family. I feel good about myself knowing that although I am still a newbie in the skills department, my ability to deal with tough emotional situations and talk to almost anyone is something that many other RN's or MD's can't.