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Ok, I am about to make myself pretty vulnerable here by admitting something to you all. Being a new nurse for only 5 months or so, I know I am still "green". I do feel pretty good about alot of... Read More

  1. by   ERERER
    I have been an RN for 30+ years, still learn something new each shift, still go and look things up. Still read journals and scan the internet. The best thing to remember is you are never alone. I have never been angry at a new (or old) nurse for asking a question. I HAVE been angry when they don't. I don't have all the answers, but I do know where we can look it up together. If I remember right, I thought that the REAL nursing school started after i graduated. Good advice above. If you cannot afford a nursing journal, ask around if anyone else gets them, and if you could borrow. Each thing that makes you stop and think, research it a little.... write down the important stuff. You can't keep everything in your head! Even doctors carry cheat sheets. Know the basics: the meds that you give most often, the "gut" signs that someone is doing poorly or "just doesn't look right". Those kind of observations by a nurse have saved many lives. You may not have the scientific words to describe it, but you do have the words to describe what you are seeing. Keep working and keep learning!
  2. by   Psychaprn
    Oh, how I remember those feelings. Having experienced nurses/mentors helped alot. I'm an APRN and there are still days when i go home and wonder if I did all the right things-relax-it'll get easier and remember-showing up and being present to patients in a compassionate manner is what's most important!