I'm graduating

  1. I'm graduating the AD program in 2 weeks! I'm hoping to take the NCLEX in June. :hatparty: Does anyone have any good advise for the NCLEX? I'm hoping to pass the fist time!!! Boy, am I glad it's almost over!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. by   jjbaby
    I took the NCLEX on April 3rd. I passed. My advice is to know your prioritizing care....... This was hit hard on everyone in my class who has taken it so far. (We have all passed).

    An example question:
    You are the RN in an emergency room, there is a disaster in the community and the following 4 patients are brought in which would you assess FIRST?

    a) a 6-year old child who is SOB, has petichiae on his chest and is very restless

    b) a 35-year-old male with an open fracture of the tibia who has a B/P of 165/98, a pulse of 122, and respirations of 35.

    c) a 34-year old woman with an open head injury, who is confused and disoriented.

    d) an 18-year old male with a crushed patella, who is in considerable pain and is requesting pain medication. He has been aggressive to staff since arrival.

    This was an example of the questions I had a LOT of. All of the patients are critical, but which is MOST critical? These type of questions take a lot of critical thinking to answer!!!

    I just made this question up, so there is no answer for it, but wanted to give you an idea of what to expect.

    JJ RN