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    Hmm, I need to vent here and hope to get some good advice from you all. I am Grad Nurse in Cardiac Surgical Unit. I have just been to a workshop regarding Epicardial Pacing for the heart. This workshop left me feeling really nauseas, anxious about the idea of handling a pacing box and fiddling around with sensitivity and thresholds. Sure its good to know the theory but how technical this area is I couldnt grasp the functions of this. Therefore, this has left me wanting to change from this unit to another. My instincts inside are screaming at me to leave and find something that I may think may make me happy. The staff are great people, however I think it will take me a long time to grasp the understanding of the technicalities involved to handlle pacing boxes. Plus, I believe at my level as a new nurse I think its too much. I thought the first year is to get a grasp on transitioning into the nurse role.

    If I was to change I really am thinking Perioperative.

    Anyways, I needed to vent
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  3. by   mom2michael
    External pacers are scary but with good support from your fellow staff nurses and some time and practice, all will be good. Don't give up so easily - nursing is about challenges and sometimes facing your fears, not just about the basics. Besides, EVERY area has scary things and scary equipment that you'll have to learn to handle. It's all about support from your co-workers and asking/getting help when you need it.