How do you decide on which job?

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    So I really want to work at my local hospital after I graduate. I had an interview with them and thought it went really well. After 3 weeks of not hearing from them they called and said they decided to go with another applicant. They only hired 4 graduate nurses. They continued to tell me to keep checking back because other graduate nurse positions may open up. They also said get pass the boards then other opitions will open up. I plan on taking my NCLEX as soon as I can but until then, do I find a job at a nursing home or try home health until I get the job I really want I do I apply somewhere else and move my family. I don't really want to start working then a month later have to quit because the other job opened up. I could move and get a year experience before coming back or should I just wait it out. Does it look back to get a job, work a month or more than quit when the BIG job opens up?

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