Hold Out for Critical Care?

  1. Hi all. I always post about my job dilemmas. Now I have 2 offers. 1 is on an adult floor, great floor, good hospital, specialty transplant unit, but not an ICU. But I really prefer peds. I interviewed in peds there, and I didn't go over well. #2 is on a high acuity peds surgical unit in a peds hospital. My question is, should I call back that peds hospital and say by golly, I really want and ICU position, can I interview there? The recruiter originally told me the ICU positions were basically already taken. Think she was just trying to unload the non-ICU places first? Should I be more assertive?

    follow-up: is it wrong to take a med-surg position with the exact intention of transferring to PICU/NICU/Cardiothoracic Peds ICU ASAP/after a year or so????

    PLUS: if I take the peds hospital job, it pays ~$5-10K less the first year than others, because of the great training program. Should I even attempt, with my limited negotiation experience, to see if they will give me a sign on to keep me from going elsewhere? I am so confused! There are so many good options!
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