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  1. Hi! I am applying to a GN position. I have to submit this cover letter online in reference to Hospital A's GN requisition, so I am just suppose to specify my area of interest, I can not apply specifically for an L/D position I believe. So, should I address this to the two recruiters? just one of them? I think it is too long but I wasn't sure what to cut out. There is also a paragraph that included to show a little more about myself, but it might be unnecessary. Does this effectively show which area I want to be hired into? Thanks so much for ANY critiques and suggestions you can give me!!

    To whom it may concern:
    By May 1st, I will have completed my studies at the University of X with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I am an enthusiastic, motivated candidate with all the skills necessary to join your health care team and develop as a professional, compassionate nurse. I am vitally interested in becoming a member of your team.
    In my rotations, I worked on several units including medical-surgical, psychiatry, pediatrics, cardiology, and obstetrics. I also have professional experience as a Student Nurse Tech at Hospital B on the Renal Medical-Surgical unit. I realized during my OB/GYN rotation that my heart truly lies in Women's Health, specifically Labor and Delivery. I am eager to expand that experience when I begin my practicum at Hospital A's Labor and Delivery in the coming weeks. My educational and professional experiences have taught me to manage a variety of patients with complex clinical issues, as well as provide my patients and their family members with educational and emotional support. I feel these skills would translate well to the obstetrical setting.
    I developed a love of nursing and its capacity to improve the lives of patients in a way which is unique to this profession. My passion and excitement about becoming a nurse incited me to campaign and be elected as Breakthrough to Nursing chair of XNSA. In this role, I promoted the nursing profession and educated other students regarding the extraordinary opportunities that it has to offer. I am also a proud member of Sigma Theta Tau. (Is this paragraph unnecessary??)
    I am thrilled to be completing my clinical placements during my practicum at Hospital A Labor and Delivery. I am an extremely harder worker with a thirst to learn and grow as a patient caregiver. I believe my experience during practicum on your facility's unit will prepare me for a career in labor and delivery.
    I realize that as a graduate nurse, I have much to learn. However, I hope that you will consider my application for a position at your facility so that I may begin that journey in an institution that celebrates intellectual and professional development while providing exceptional patient care. If you hire me, I will dedicate myself to learning all I can, and to working hard to maintain your unit's exceptional standards. Thank you in advance for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you regarding any possible employment opportunities.
    Leah X
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