Having hard time finding job in southeast texas

  1. Hey all, I graduated in Aug, I got my license end of Sept. as an LVN.. I am having a hard time finding a job... I am getting so depressed, went to school 2yrs, and still way beyond poor... I'm not the only one from my class either, have several friends with the same problem...
    I am applying for the RN program which starts July 07', but I want a job before I start that....
    Any advise, tidbits, anything... all the hospitals have my application/resume, some have more than one copy.. lol.... . I'm really starting to get depressed here....
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  3. by   S.T.A.C.E.Y
    Have you posted in the Texas forum? Maybe some local people might be able to let you know about places that are hiring.... All-Nurses Texas Forum

    Have you thought about re-locating? Extending your job search area--(Even an hour away isn't a bad commute!) Have you been talking with the managers of the floors you are applying to? Maybe HR hasn't forwarded your application, maybe the manager hasn't even seen it. Talking to managers might also help you know what the big picture looks like. No sense in waiting for a job to open if they tell you they just had a big hiring spree, or they don't see any spots coming available soon. Are you only applying for fulltime jobs or part-time and perdiem as well? Have you made it clear that you are available to work all hours/shifts, and willing to start immediately? Have you had your resume reviewed by a counsellor at your school? Maybe there's some reason why you're not getting calls. Have you stated that you intend to return to school next summer? Maybe people are not willing to hire & train you if they think you're just going to leave in a few months anyways.

    Best of luck in your search! Merry Christmas!