Finnish Educated Nurses in USA

  1. hello!

    i am a nursing student here in finland . i am studying for a bachelor of health care in nursing degree. the entire program is taught in english and we have 8 practical trainings (each lasting 9-12 weeks) and we must write a bachelor's thesis at the end of our 3.5 year program.

    it is an integrated program using problem based learning.

    does anyone know if this degree will transfer to the united states?

    is there anyone who is, or knows, a finnish educated nurse who has worked in the united states?

    must i take additional classes or training in order to work in the united states?

    visas and immigration are not an issue, as i am a us citizen.

    any advice or help is much appreciated!

    here is the curriculum:
    studying skills and professional growth51 11 11 e-learning 1cr 8090085 learning how to learn33 8090086 information management and research4 a
    it-studies for future becoming employee

    2 binformation management and exploratory learning 2 e-learning 0,5cr 8090001 english language and communication*3 3 8090079 swedish/finnish language and communication*3 3 8090084 finnish language and communication*33 *language skills are integrated into professional studies professional studies in nursing 171 cr health promotion in clinical nursing 56 cr 8090087 multicultural views of social and health care provision5 asocial and health care provision in finland 2 bmulticultural views in health care delivery 3 8090088 multidisciplinary project management and business studies9 abusiness studies 5 bmultidisciplinary project management 4 8090110 clinical studies 1(health care and service center sofia )5 5 8090111 helping relationship in primary care* 16 apromoting a safe environment 6 bmeeting patients' needs in primary care 5 cmedication and introduction to medical rescue work i 5 * includes clinical lab studies 6 cr 8090112 nursing science and development of nursing* 12 amonitoring patients' vital functions, medical rescue work ii and medication 7 bart and ethical issues in nursing 5 * includes clinical lab studies 3 cr 8090092 clinical studies 2 (basic health care/ health center, nursing home)9 9 alteration in health status 85 cr 8090093 basic studies in medical and surgical nursing10 10 8090094 advanced studies in medical and surgical nursing*10 10 e-learning 1 cr * includes clinical lab studies 3 cr 8090113 clinical studies 3 (medical/surgical nursing)8 8 8090114 clinical studies 4 (medical/surgical nursing)7 7 8090097 intraoperative care*5 5 * includes clinical lab studies 1.5 cr 8090115 mental health and substance misuse nursing8 8 8090099 clinical studies 5 (mental health care)9 9 8090100 pediatric nursing and family care8 * includes clinical lab studies 1.5 cr achild and adolescent health and well-being 4 bchild and adolescent nursing 4 8090101 sexual health and infectious diseases6 6 8090116 development of nursing 7 aresearch methodology and statistics 4 bquality assurance in nursing 38090117 clinical studies 6 (primary care)7 7 clinically focused studies 15 cr 8090104 acute care 8 aemergency care and critical care 4 bspecial issues in nursing 4 8090105 long-term care and geriatric 7 7 8090120 bachelor's thesis 15cr15 aidea seminar 3 bplanning seminar 3 cresult analysis seminar 3 dfinal seminar and maturity test 6 free choice studies 18cr18 38090118 clinical studies 7 (advanced) 88090119 clinical studies 8 (advanced) 7 asasasa 21025332931323129
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  3. by   nurseme3
    My advice is that you contact the Board of Nursing for the state in which you desire to work. They have forms that internationally-educated nursing grads must specifically fill out that help that state decide if your university program is eligible so that you can sit for the NCLEX (national nursing exam). They will be able to answer questions about your eligibility to work because my guess is that each state has different requirements. Good luck to you.