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  1. Just wanted to vent about my grad program at the moment or my stage at the moment of the grad program. I work in Cardiac and I am getting fustrated with my time management. I only have a 4 pt load and still struggle, pretty much doing documentation up to finishing time. Another part of frustration is that I do ask alot of questions because I want to be sure and most of the time just dont know the answer. I sense botherness from team leaders but I thought, no I have to ask or else I may do something wrong. Others commend the questions but when u do ask, its like they are bothered or label me as though I just dont know anything. Well its true, and for the seedling that needs to grow, you need to water it. So that analogy should always be thought of, I need to grow and would like others to have the patience.

    I have thought about if all doesnt work out in the next 4 months I am considering a change to another ward, where I feel I can cope. I hope within th next four months that such idea might change and my time management and knowledge spruce up.

    Anyways thats my vent
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  3. by   youngatheart
    RNkylie, I feel the same way, for 12 weeks now I had preceptors that were also charge nurses and kind of let me on my own, I eventually had to work up to a full load 5/6 patients. I just started on nights and feel like it is a better pace for me hope it works for you.
  4. by   koyeh
    I precept alot and I would rather you ask, then do something & find out it that it was a major mistake. I don't trust people who try to force there way thru. My advice keep asking, talk to your clinical educator, maybe u need a new peceptor. NOt everyone clicks personality wise. Worse case scenario they will stear you to a new floor, rather than lose a staff member. I had one nurse who had no self confidence. It took alot of patience but she is now one of the best nurses I know. Hang in there.

    Time mangaement comes w experience, stop comparing yourself to some of your peers.
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    My preceptor is great, so helpful however we are now on diffrent shifts. Because being preceptored here in Australia, maybe different in other states in Oz. That my grad program states first month shifts alongside preceptor, then second month 50% less and then through 10months once every fortnight. I know its different in America, where there is 3months preceptoring and that is great, ideal for the new nurse. Its not like that here unfortunately and its tough for us.

    Today I worked and I am really annoyed with one of the level 2 nurses. Hmm, I think she is hmmm selective in staff and forms a bond with. I know I am new and still treading water and finding feet on ground. I go to her for help with certain interventions and ask questions. I see that I am like a bother to her, with rolling of eyes and sometimes she will just ignore me and flitter somewhere else. This is actually starting to bother me as the behaviour isnt called for. I think when push comes to shove I may have to let her know that I find it rude, but I have to be tactful as she is a level 2. I just sometimes dont get it, get advised to ask questions, use other staff as a resource and then its like a big hand to the face when I do such act of questioning. It really is off putting.

    In the end I have to hang in there and try and build up a bigger and tough inner spirit. It really is hard.

    So back to my preceptor, I think she is awesome, she is like a guardian angel to me and feel so Okay to ask her questions. HOwever unfortunately we are not on same shifts now. It will be on and off.

    So yah, that is what its all about.

  6. by   koyeh
    You are correct, I have no clue how they handle it in Aussie/canada. So I'll keep my big mouth shut on that subject.

    Continue, to talk w your preceptor. She/He has been there and will be able to give you advice on how to handle rolling eyes without getting you in trouble.

    We have a charge nurse who( is rude to everyone) but if you call her on it she doesn't even realise how she appears. I've seen her break down and cry but after awhile she returns to her old ways and one of us old timers has to tell her to get a grip.

    I was in charge this week and handled a situation very poorly. i was right but my tone insulted the nurse. I didn't mean that and never would intentionly belittle anyone. I just came from a code(not a good excuse but true) and was a bit stressed. I apologised, but it has left bad feelings with this person. I can't do anything more about it.

    Venting is good, good luck.