Feeling Lost.... Not sure where to start 1st job!!

  1. Ok - I'm officially freaking out!!!

    I graduate this week.... All through nursing school - I've always wanted to work in ICU or ER.

    But now that its finally time to sign on for that first position - I'm lost! I'm scared to dive into the ICU / ER area... what if? Will I be good enough? Do I really know enough to go straight into this area? Or - do I do med/surg for a year to 'get my feet wet - and master skills."? I know I wont' be happy in med/surg, but is that what I need to do? I don't want to make a wrong choice... .

    I have solid hands on skills - I was an MA for 7 yrs prior to school, and that area is not a problem at all - I'm worried about the acuity of the areas / i don't want to loose a patient d/t of lack of experience and skills...... but i want to do it! I have always been a very decisive person - and excel at what I set my mind to - but now it seems like one day I'm fine and know I'm going to be an ICU nurse - the next day I doubt myself......:uhoh21:

    I've had a couple of interviews in ICU's, just had one at an sub-acute rehab, and have 3 more lined up for the next 7 days..... Now I'm just starting to flat out panic!!! I have other classmates who have already locked down positions..... I'm feeling pressured that I haven't got one yet - what does that mean?

    Advice? Anyone?
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