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  1. Hi Everyone!

    I will be graduating this May 2009 with an ADN with no previous experience in the healthcare field. I still have not started looking for a job because thinking about the interview process really scares me. I am not very good in spontaneous thinking and english is my second language so I'm afraid that I will not be able to convey my answers clearly and effectively. I don't have problems expressing myself in writing but verbally is another story. When I'm nervous I tend to stutter and I get a mental blackout which is quite pathetic I should say. I would really appreciate it if anyone can share any tips to prepare me for interviews. Has anyone been interviewed recently? What was the process like? What questions did they ask and how did you respond? I'm planning to write down my answers to possible interview questions, but I would like to see other people's perspectives as well. Thanks!! (Btw, I plan to apply first in a med/tele unit where I'm currently doing my preceptorship in)
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  3. by   kargirl
    Hi minicakes,

    I hope you're still looking at this site for answers, since you posted this a week ago. I also get nervous before interviews. My best advice is to be yourself. You obviously are smart, personable, caring and strong if you were able to graduate from nursing school. I have gone on soooo many interviews over the years, and the times that I did well was when I was confident in my abilities and didn't try to put on an act. I have a good sense of humor, so I try to use that a little in interviews to break the ice....don't get me wrong, I'm mostly serious in the interview, but realize that you are dealing with another human being, and a little charm & humor can go a long way. Also, if I'm really nervous I will actually tell the interviewer "Please bare with me, but I get a little nervous during interviews." The interviewer will usually respond with, "Don't worry about it ! or Don't be nervous." Once, I have gotten that out in the open I feel a huge weight lift off of me. I was in the business world for 15 years, in Sales..believe it or not, so you have to be pretty agressive in those types of interviews. Now I have gone on a couple of nursing interviews, and found the questions to be much easier. Be prepared with a couple of patient care stories in your mind, since they usually ask situational questions like, "Tell me about a time when you went out of your way for a patient ? " "Was there a time that you had to deal with an ethical issue ?" "How did you work as a team player w/other students or staff ? Can you give me an example? Why did you become a nurse ? What 5 words would describe you ? You should go on line to monster or other career sites and they will give you tips on interviews and questions. I wish you luck, don't worry about the accent or stutter, they're not hiring you to teach English Class, and practice in front of a mirror or role play w/friends. Sorry this was so long, but I feel your pain and thought I might be able to help !!!:typing Good Luck !!!!
  4. by   Kevin RN08
    I will echo Kargirl's comments. Role playing is great practice.
    My interviews (in or outside nursing) rarely have gone into specifics about the actual job I will be doing. The managers are more worried about how you will fit into their organization. They know they are "creating" a RN, you need to show them you are willing to learn from them in their style. You're knowledge is approximately the same as any other new RN that is looking for a job, so they want to see how you are different.
    Are you "high maintenance"? Do you display a me first attitude? Are you strong enough to advocate for your patients? Are you task or goal oriented? Willing to own up to mistakes or blame others?
    I was asked some question about how my clinicals prepared me to work in the ED, I deferred that and went to an experience from my job as a CarePartner. There was another question about Customer Service or Patient Service when I was asked to give an example of correcting a problem.
    Your history of having a primary language other than english is an advantage, especially if there is a significant population that uses that language in your area.
  5. by   minicakes143
    thank you so much kargirl and axshusz for all your advices. I will keep those in mind. I just finished my preceptorship today and I will start applying this week. Hopefully things will go well. Thank you again!!