Endorsement from IL to OR and license expiration

  1. I am proud to say that after taking the NCLEX twice, I am now an RN.
    I just received my license and it says it expires may 2012. Why is it expiring so soon?

    also, my main issue right now is that I am moving to OR. I have already submitted my endorsement application but need to send in a license verification. IL does not participate in NURSYS license varification, so how do I get the state of IL to varify my license for the OR state board?
    I have attempted to call the IL BON but only get a busy signal ALL DAY.

    I would appreciate any help as soon as possible, so i can get to workin and pay these awful student loans

    thank you!
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  3. by   Rean87
    Well as for the expiration date I know that here in IL we all renew our license every 2 years on the even numbered years. No matter when you get it you'll be required to renew during those years..it's just a standard/generalized requirement for everyone licensed in IL...And, don't forget about the CEU hours needed.
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  4. by   MK86
    The Illinois Department of Professional Regulation handles license verification. http://www.idfpr.com/Forms/Req_cert.pdf The Oregon license endorsement application should include a form to send to Springfield. Send a request, with a check of course , the the address in the link and they will send on your verification to the Oregon BON. It is an extremely slow process in my experience (I have done this twice) and it took 2 months to complete the process the first time and still waiting a month and a half later this time. Trying to call the Illinois Department of Regulation to inquire about the status of the verification is super aggravating as well because as with the BON, there is always a busy signal and when you do finally get through you are on hold for over an hour listening to the Taxi theme song. Also I am quite sure one of the people I talked to was either drunk or I had just woken her up as I had to repeat what I was looking for multiple times and she sounded off.

    Also IL licenses all expire in May of even years regardless of when you got it. CEUs are NOT required with the first renewal.
  5. by   finadul
    Did you have luck with the process? I am beginning to complete the application to test for the NCLEX in Illinois and want to have my Oregon license ASAP. How long did it take you and could you guide me?