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Ok there is no such thing right? :spin: I know that last year a lot of the seniors in my program had jobs lined up right before they graduated. How does that work exactly...the period of time... Read More

  1. by   medsurgnights
    I have seen your posts on the Oregon forum, so am going to assume you are asking about Oregon (sorry if I'm wrong here!). We don't have the GN option in this state. The BON here does process ATI and licensing very quickly in most cases. If your program releases your transcripts as a likely graduate prior to graduation, you will have a test # and can schedule your NCLEX before graduating, and then it is void if you don't actually graduate. I took the NCLEX 2 days after graduating and was licensed by the 4th day after graduating. A number of us had jobs lined up because the new grad applications for area hospitals were due prior to graduation. Those accepted could not actually work as nurses until licensed. Some of us worked as techs to get exposure until licensing. Hope this info helps and that it is applicable to your area of work!