Does anyone know what the ENDORSEMENT fee is for?

  1. My state has an endorsement fee of about $200. What does that mean?? I passed my boards and they sent me my congrast you passed letter. I'm on the state board of nursing site as an LPN so what's this other fee? I haven't gotten anything requesting me to pay it but I'm still curious!
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  3. by   mom2michael
    Here is what I would gather.....

    This would only apply if you were licensed in another state and wanted to become licensed in the particular state you live in. It's called a "license by endorsement" which basically states that you are licensed in "A" state and now you want to also be licensed in "B" state and the "B" state will allow it because you have a good standing and valid license in "A" state.

    So basically I am licensed in the state of MO now and say I want to move to FL, I would contact FL who would give me a "license by endorsement" application and I would mail off all the fees, background check, them. In a few weeks I would have a license in the state of FL by "endorsement".

    I may be totally wrong - but you could always call or email your SBON and ask them.