Do people fail with 75 questions??

  1. OK... mine shut off at 75. I took me about 45 minutes. Is that too fast? I am a fast test taker but when I left the girl next to me was on 25 . I feel kinda OK about it and family and friends say they are sure I passed... but I'm still worried .

    Any comments??
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  3. by   dsczephyr
    That last sentence is a perfect echo of how I feel as well. Statistically, Peason's pamphlet says that 84% of US educated first-time test takers pass the exam. Of all the people I know who have taken the exam, only a few have failed it the first time - and the ones I talked to say they all had more than 75 questions. All the people I know whose test shut off at 75 questions passed it.

    My test shut off at 75 questions. What all this says to me is that if I failed, then not only was I in the minority of people who fail it the first time around, but I am in the even greater minority of people who failed it in 75 questions. And I know I worked very hard to be prepared.

    The way I look at it is this: I probably passed it. But, the administrators of the test do make it clear that the length of the test does not dictate whether one passes or fails. And so, I simply wait and try to be optimistic about my chances. And if for some reason I didn't pass, I will simply do my grieving, then pick myself up, dust myself off, and begin again.

    In spite of that philosophical thought, I sure hope though that we all passed !!!!
  4. by   connie1981
    I took the NCLEX on June there a half hour early, but they left me start anyway (8:30 am). mine shut off at 75 and i was at my car by 9:30!! im sure you have nothing to worry about!!
    lots of luck,
  5. by   fourbirds4me
    Thanks you guys for the positive thoughts.... I will be at the BON website after midnight tonight to see.... I worried that this holiday weekend might mess things up. I hope not
  6. by   nadia562002
    I passed the test with 88 questions. It seems to me that the test will test until it thinks you are gonna be a safe nurse then it goes just beyond that to ensure that you are safe to practice. You have up to 265 questions to prove that you are safe. They want you to succeed. Remember, this test is testing to the minimum level of competence. We nurses have been raised to be soooo competitive. Its time to set that aside when you take the NCLEX.